Research Vibe: Your gateway to know-how

Build critical skills in-house with Research Vibe’s Show, Teach, Do model.

Teaching, mentoring and coaching are an integral part of our approach. Instead of fostering dependence, we empower your staff to become skilled in the methods and strategies to use, allowing your company to continue the process when Research Vibe is not present. Let us show your team what to do, teach you how to do it and help you understand why.

Research Vibe can also help:

  • Develop cross-functional leaders who communicate effectively with other corporate disciplines
  • Boost competency in basic sensory, consumer or market research methods
  • Design and establish an internal sensory and consumer program of any scope
  • Expand an existing program for more value-added services

Look at your team with new eyes.

What if you could view your people, process and organization from a viewpoint of what’s right—instead of what’s wrong? Research Vibe’s strengths-based philosophy will give you a new way to approach developing the skill set of everyone on your team. We offer workshops, individual coaching and more, all designed to help you and your team begin reaping the benefits of working as a strengths-based community.

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At the heart of our work is the Show, Teach, Do model.

We show you what to do, how to do it, and help you understand why.

Skill transfer is our goal.