Research Vibe can help with product research questions at any stage of the Development Cycle.

Our strength is in assisting clients with projects that have less definition and more unknown elements such as designing a new brand, venturing into a new product category, or developing a better consumer experience in a current product category.

For projects with a defined research objective or design, the process takes just one step. We can help you with projects that involve specific actions, such as modifying a current product formula, making process or cost improvements, or developing a line extension.

For projects with less definition, the process involves intuition and interaction. Unlike research testing agencies that just “fill the order,” Research Vibe is equipped to manage every aspect of your project to expand your internal resources or provide expertise where you need to enhance team skills. First, Research Vibe works with your team to refine the objective and scope of research and then proposes an engaged strategy. Next, we facilitate the research process, create research materials (surveys, method protocols, statistical design plans), offer consulting expertise, propose resources and facilities for research, and collaborate with your project team along the way.

Whether you’re looking for help with projects with defined objectives or design, or seeking larger answers on how to improve your research and development strategies, Research Vibe’s holistic product development services connect you to expert help at any phase of development while providing the control and flexibility you require.

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Our holistic research approach focuses on the total consumer experience at all stages of product development.